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The last thing anyone wants to think about is a loved one's or their own funeral. Unfortunately, it’s expensive to pass away—according to the National Funeral Directors Association the average burial costs can run up to or more than $9,000. The last thing our clients want to do is saddle their grieving loved ones with a big bill.


This is where we help our clients, and the benefits are two-fold. First, we 

provide our clients with final expense coverage through a life insurance policy

with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. This coverage helps them save their loved ones from unexpected expenses related to their passing. While most people may be aware of the cost of funeral home services, caskets, flowers, there are often unexpected costs such as unpaid medical expenses and household bills, as well as family transportion expenses when someone passes away. Our polices provide a cash benefit to the family within 24 hours of claim approval, so that no one has to come out of pocket or pass the hat to cover these immediate costs.




But more than that, with a Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage policy, you get a membership to the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society®, FREE of charge. The FCGS will:


  • Answer any questions your Clients may have about Funeral Planning

  • Helps your Client establish a Funeral Plan on paper that their loved ones will later use

  • Archive those plans for safekeeping and immediate access upon time of need

  • Help consumers receive the best possible pricing when purchasing Funeral Arrangements for their Loved One

  • 24 Hours a Day/7 Days a Week, Will call Funeral Homes/Crematories to compare rates and Price-Shop on behalf of the family

  • Communicate findings to the Beneficiary so they can make an educated decision

  • Review Funeral Contracts for red flags

  • Point out abnormal charges and confirm reasonable pricing

  • Discuss alternative purchase options that may not be explained by the Funeral Director



In short, we help our clients make sure they leave their family and close friends with nothing but wonderful memories, rather than sticker shock and bills, in their darkest hours.

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