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What Makes Us Different?



We care. Plain and simple. Not just about our clients, but also about you as a professional and as an agent. At Elite Insurance Team, we are one big family. We know that we are only successful, and our clients and prospective clients are well cared for, if you are prepared and knowledgeable.


We don’t just throw you into the field and watch you sink or swim. We provide you training. We provide a support system. We mentor and guide you so that you reach the levels of success you are looking for in your career. Moreover, we have a track record of success. Elite Insurance Team has produced more six-figure earners than any other affiliate of The Miles Group.


To make things even better, we represent a great product. Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company is the leading provider of final expense insurance in the nation. It currently serves more than 1 million policyholders across 49 states. It’s a fast-growing company and we are waiting for you to help bring it to new levels of success.


Lincoln Heritage provides us with a first-class lead system that ensures our agents never run out of prospective clients interested in learning more about our product. Through face-to-face interaction, you’ll help our clients better manage their final expenses so their loved ones don’t have to while mourning.


We aren’t like our competitors. We care about you and your goals, and will do everything in our power to help you achieve them.

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